The more we are nearing the end of this age randomly headed into the unknown, the more the world looks like a giant marketplace where the omnipresent vendors are rapt in mouthing loud praise of their goods and wrapping them even more colorfully. But what is hidden inside is so much the more rational and similar and the poor consumer suffocates in aggressive advertisement forcing them into devouring the seemingly appetizing grapes.

Music, the offspring of the same age, which finds it increasingly more and more difficult to come into the limits of the JAZZ word, is terribly suppressed by all that clamor. Some of the musicians simply get out of touch and get adrift on the surface of commercialized marketing, others console themselves with the illusion they can combine "the useful and the pleasant" and yet others look for survival islands.


But quite contrary to reason, these oases are not crowded, they are far from the show biz glamour and clamor and possess the miraculous quality to attract the like-minded. I wish to believe that Varna Jazz Festival is one such place.

My hope holds on to the wonderful memories, good intention and unbending pertinence with which the organizers stand by their very first idea: tolerance, freedom and spontaneity, the chance given to be different and reveal your standpoint to the world. A cross-point of languages and cultures, brought together by their common longing for spiritual sublimity and inquisitiveness for the inexplicable beauty existing beyond the set limits. This time I will spare my time listening the names of the jazz musicians creating the aura of this unique for Bulgaria festival. The music they left in Varna in each and every one of the preceding six years, flows around and the elect audience shan't ever forget it. Now, on the threshold of the seventh edition, we cannot but persist in the believe of Anatoly Vapirov's lucky star and in the knowledge of the professional attitudes and experience of the whole festival team, we expect yet another three inspired concerts.



The information about the programing (Line Up) of the Varna Summer International Jazz Festival 1999 is unfortunately not available. If the information about the programing becomes available, a notification will be placed on the start page (latest news).

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