It is summer again. And again jazz is marching around Europe. Along the Riviera and the North Sea, the Bosphorus and the Geneva Lake, in hundreds of small and big cities is reigning the free music, which has turned into one of the symbols of our century.

Anatoly Vapirov is decisive and unbending as usual. He is defending the right of the spontaneous interpretation of music, giving way to his colleagues and followers from Europe. In spite of all the difficulties and vicissitudes he believes that the truth is in the future merging of cultures, languages, spirituality and sound. He believes because he remembers every single moment of the passed five summers and, being in the midst of his career, he cannot afford himself to lose even the smallest particle of one of the most important achievements of his creative life.


The musicians and everyone else who have made tremendous efforts are hoping together with him to have three inspiring days of concert performances. Then the Jazz in Varna will be rejoicing the hearts of new admirers and the connoisseurs will be happy that a Bulgarian Festival, where Jazz is feeling itself at home, is realy existing.

It is "Varna Summer" again. And again we have waited so long and, thank God, we have seen the gates of the Festival and Congress Centra open for jazz.