In the summer of 1992 the international Varna Summer Music Festival turned it's eyes to jazz and was faced with something unexpected. For three years now in the heat of high season, when Europe is dazzled with the blaze of USA trade mark starts, on the very border of the Old World, beyond the battle lines and embargo zones, on the azure Black Sea coast, a new and different festival has firmly established itself. Open to all music.

Adopting the four letters "J-A-Z-Z" as a symbol of the future, and expecting artists who look ahead and get exhilarated by their encounters with the unknown and who are ready to discover new sounds and vibes even in the remotest corner of the world.


And what a revelation it was with the first project of the four trombonists from four different countries in Europe who created an apology of spontaneous music making. Or that elated finale tarantella which bore all the instances of the festival! And yet there are so many unique musical experiences on the still short path of the memories.And it is these very memories which make us optimistic before the new concerts.

The "elect" audience has long waited for its favorite's and saviors in the expectation of meeting with new names. That audience knows for sure that Varna is the realm of the free spirit and is ready to follow lead. Anatoly Vapirov's dream is coming true for the fourth time and the affords of the festival team will be fulfilled. Let each evening multiply questions and friendships, let the joy of the experience of our witnessing something unique stay with us forever!

Let It Be Jazz And Let Us Be With It!



The information about the programing (Line Up) of the Varna Summer International Jazz Festival 1999 is unfortunately not available. If the information about the programing becomes available, a notification will be placed on the start page (latest news).

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